CEO’S Message

Rajpat Shipping Bangladesh is arguably one of the fastest growing maritime services company in Bangladesh. The company commenced trading with a small but loyal client base .To support our services, Rajpat Shipping Bangladesh has invested in various tools in order to ensure safe and efficient delivery of shipping services. Both human and technological infrastructure are continually renewed and developed. We are constantly challenged by the need to meet up with the ever changing regulations in the international maritime industry. We continue to remain environmentally friendly in our operations. We are also investing in modern communications, linked to database technology in order to increase and assure continuous cost reduction in operations. With our skilled and well trained team, we continue to deliver a world of trust.

Rajpat Shipping Bangladesh aim has always been to develop a strategy, which gives due consideration to method, routing, safety and economy – all specifically designed to suit the customer’s requirements and enhancing our reputation for delivering a high quality service. Our success stems from the close relationship that management maintains with the day to day operations, and, in our ability to be proactive and highly flexible in a rapidly changing business environment.

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